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The Story of KAIZER

Hello! Kaizer has settled in so well and I am so grateful to you, you knew exactly what I was looking for! He has been sleeping with me on my bed at night, and tends to sleep right through the night, he also tends to snore!. He has a wee obsession with eating my hair though! He was very spoilt at the pet store yesterday and got a new collar and lead and some new toys. He doesn’t like the collar too much so just putting it on him a wee bit at a time to get him used to it. He’s a fast wee thing and if Im not fast enough he gets into the cats biscuits! He thinks its great fun though and he also tried going through the cat door today and got halfway through till he realized he couldnt fit! Hes so gorgeous, and Scooby adores him also. My cat is still coming round to him but the kitten doesnt mind him at all (Until he barks!) Will keep you updated on his progress .. Thanks so so much for giving me this precious wee man! Nicola x