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The Story of Hudson

As you can see Hudson is growing fast. He’s long and lean with big feet soI’m picking he’s going to be a big fella. He has a beautiful coat, silkyand multicolored, sometimes he looks red when the light catches him.He’s very happy in his new home. Although it took many weeks for him to let me move around without him scampering off, he now follows me around the house chatting away. And boy can he talk! He’s announces himself as he approaches the cat door from outside, then calls out all the way up the stairs and into the lounge until he finds you. Then tells you about his wee adventure before climbing up onto your lap so he can tell him how clever he is. He’s a very affectionate kitty cat with a lovely kind nature – very clever and very independent. He sees no reason why he can’t have what he wants and goes about helping himself – he really is a character. He’s still not to fond of strangers but is growing braver every time.