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The Story of Donkey

Donkey was rescued as a young 3 ½ month pup, following a 3 week relinquishment work out from South Auckland about 6 1/2 yrs ago….She was destined for the pound. She was roped up under a deck to amuse the kids after school. No one knew she needed water and food regularly faeces removal, flea / worm / parvo / mite / intervention / prevention....etc etc). Donkey became desperate also, as the children knew if they grabbed her tail and pulled she would follow them to the rope length, and one child kept thumping her back. She eventually chewed off her rope and became a street dog. CDANZ Trust had full holding homes and nowhere for Donkey. Her demise was advertised; thankfully she was uplifted from rescue straight to re-homing. Her new owners recognised her state, and renamed her Decky - as they knew she needed a safe place to rest and recover, and that she would be the best ever canine companion for them when they went out on their boat. Hence her "Decky" name.